Corporate Onsite Massage

Do you want more productive, less stressed, members of your team if so why not try Aqua massage by Gail from 3steps4ward


The unique fully clothed, non oiled treatment combines relaxation, deep tissue massage and stretching techniques whilst the body is supported by cushions filled with warm water. 


The treatment will focus on the client's individual needs working on reducing muscle tension, developing muscle memory and alignment, enabling postural correction, whilst lowering stress levels, and developing deep relaxation,


What are the benefits?


Deep relaxation reduces  stress and tension allowing you to unwind and recharge, the release of endorphins help to lift mood, fight pain, boost self esteem, enabling your mind and body to better combat future stress, while improving sleep, and reducing tension headaches.  


Massage improves circulation of both blood and lymph systems, contributes to lower blood pressure, in addition to relaxing  and loosening muscles, increasing joint mobility, and allowing the body to reposition itself into a natural and pain free position.


The cushions place your body into a position that clearly shows any postural issues, the warmth combined with the massage enables a much deeper level of relaxation to be reached very rapidly 


Because there is no oil used there is no mess, no need to undress, and the client will be able to return to your work area and continue with their day very soon after the treatment.

All I need is a quiet room and access to hot water, it can be offered an employee treat, paid for by the company or employees pay for the treatment themselves.  

Contact me for more information and prices.